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Monday, 10 September 2012

here is your well derserved curse

Scrap lorry crash leaves Boston boat yard with £30k bill for damage

Wednesday, September 05, 2012
A BOSTON boat yard is facing a £30,000 bill to rectify damage caused by a scrap lorry losing its load.
David Bull of Geordie's Boat Yard, Langrick Bridge stood in disbelief as he witnessed a container full of scrap fall off a lorry and onto his forecourt.
  1. Geordie’s Boat Yard
    CONTAINER SPILL: Geordie's Boat Yard is facing a £30,000 cleaning bill to rectify the damage caused by a container full of scrap falling on the forecourt.
David said: "It has taken most of the weekend to clear the site and we are currently receiving quotes and estimates as we have been told that there is not enough evidence to prove that the load was unsecured.
"We will have to replace the open sign and stand, re-build the garage wall, suffer loss of earnings, take on the write-off costs to two boats and damage to a third boat."
David said that although the scrap had been removed from the forecourt no effort has been made to assist in the clear up or apology issued.
He added: "I am very surprised no action has been taken against the driver and am disgusted that the company hasn't even apologised for the incident."
A spokesman from Lincolnshire Police has stated that the incident is still open and being investigated further.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Cursed Sudoku! Why? Because its not easy!

Watch this Video for a Guide on how to do this Sudoku Easily on Microsoft Paint.

Or Simply click on this Sudoku to Blow it up then print it.

You may take a Photo of your result and here you can be proud of doing it.

Lets see how many people solve this before Christmas Day!

You can email me the results if you like. and i will add you to the Hall of fame.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

How to make money from your videos (Very good Advice)

Go to make an account for free. when your balance reaches $20 you get it by Paypal on selected date that they tell you. I have made over $700 from revver in the past 4 years but i have not been maintaining my viewers by keeping fresh videos uploading due to a long term accident. But i do still generate a small revenue from time to time for doing nothing.

Go to make
an account and start uploading your video's The best type of videos to upload are HOW TO's
Metacafe don't start to pay out unless your viewer numbers hit the thousands.. So listen to your wise old folks! they may have some great How to's that they can share with you! and then you simply make the video example! and wow to views! They tell their mates and they tell theirs and so on.

You could use to direct people to a blogger where they can see the rest of a video that you uploaded into Blogspot and attach google AdSense to your blog and they will count your visitors for you! And this also will create revenue for you! and then you don't have to do anything.

Clouds tell Stories (Click Picture to Visit)

Clouds tell Stories (Click Picture to Visit)
A new intresting site about clouds and the way they seem to direct us subconsiously when we are about our daily lives. Some great shape clouds will be uploaded regular. please enjoy.

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Words of Destiny (Click here to Visit)
A collection of poetry and Video Poetry by Myself

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Little Skeggy (Click here to Visit)
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My View of the Future (Click Here to View)
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Videos of our Adventures (Click here to View)

Videos of our Adventures (Click here to View)
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FantasyCreek E-Books By Me (Click ti Visit)

FantasyCreek E-Books By Me (Click ti Visit)
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I am a Very Creative Person (Click to Visit)
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